Welcome to St Paul's Church, Addlestone.

Revd Ben Beecroft

At St. Paul's we are a community of people who are growing in our love for God and our desire to see God at work in our lives and in our community. We are on a journey of discovering just how incredible God is, and enjoy being amazed by His goodness and grace in often surprising and unexpected ways. We aim to have something for everyone, and whether you’re just beginning to wonder if there is a God, or how you might get to know Him better, we hope that you will join us on that journey.

Revd Ben Beecroft - Vicar of Addlestone

Our Church Family

Revd Chris BeecroftIf you’re looking for God, it’s great that you’re here. At St Paul’s we are a community that has discovered God loves us, and because of that we are a community of people who are committed to following Jesus Christ with the whole of our lives, and committed to loving and serving each other and our wider community. We look for ways to connect to each other in God’s love, and to connect to our community in ways that make a real difference.

Revd Chris Beecroft - Associate Vicar


Our Journey Together

Whether you are just exploring questions of life and faith, questioning what is real or true, or wanting to go deeper we would love to share that journey with you.  For those exploring or questioning whether there is more to life, whether God is real or who Jesus, we run the Alpha course.  If you think you might be interested in attending Alpha then why not speak to either Ben or Chris about whether Alpha might be right for you.  If you have a faith but want to go deeper we have a variety of groups, courses etc that might be useful to you.  We'd love to chat, get to know you a bit more and help you find the answers to your questions, so do get in touch.


Our Values

  1. We seek to help everyone encounter God's love for themselves.
  2. We look for our lives to be motivated by the love of God, His people and His world, and for our lives to be marked by grace and truth.
  3. We look to communicate, express and embody the good news of the Kingdom in our common life.
  4. We are committed to creating community through small groups, where all can be known and cared for, and to know and care for others.
  5. We will share our resources by committing 10% of our income to support wider mission.
  6. We will help people to connect with God by resourcing different ways of worshipping and praying.
  7. We seek to help everyone to know and to apply God's word to their lives.
  8. We will challenge injustice locally and internationally and uphold the poor and the marginalised.
  9. We seek to help everyone to discover God's plan for their lives and to grow in their knowledge of and obedience to the leading of the Holy Spirit.
  10. We will help people to work out what it means to live a life fully submitted to Christ as Lord.
  11. We will seek God in prayer and follow where He leads, allowing Him to shape His church.
  12. As God wants us to enjoy fullness of life, we will look for this to be expressed in our homes, workplaces, schools, neighbourhoods and wider community